oktober 05, 2017 3 min read

Team Flashez promoted and partied hard at V Festival (partied more than promoted :) Only Kidding). We set off on to Weston Park 2 days prior to all the fellow festival goers, when we arrived the set up of the stages seemed so big especially with no people in the field, sound tests were going on until midnight in which really got the team in the festival mood.
On the 18th August 40,000 people came to the gate carrying what looked like there whole house, 20 meters from where they came through the gate we could already see people struggling to carry there stuff in which was quiet entertaining to watch one lad drop all his stuff and get a beer out!. After around 12 hours of opening the stampede of festival goers embarking to get on the fields started to thin and the festive people started to start wondering around.
We cranked up the volume on our pa system and decided to have a little Flashez day party in which they started wanting to light there way with our Flashez light up shoes , The weather was hit and miss, one minute it was like the Bahamas the next minute it was like Blackpool.
Saturday morning arrived and everyone was up and out early of there 2 man pop up tents you would not think a human could fit in, They scrolled out with there liquid festival breakfast (Strongbow or Heinken) and why not afterall months of saving to have a blast! 
Customers buying from our stall were ecstatic about seeing Pink and Jay Z and so were we!
V festival as a whole was amazing , we do think that other upcoming new festivals are starting to draw people away from V as it seems a very clean festival where shouting and dancing like a maniac doesn't seem to fit there demographics.
When Pink finished V Fest off on the Sunday night the crowd immediately ditched there belongings and made a sharp exit as it was a wash out and people were cold and wet probably just wanting there own bed.
We packed our stall down and planned our route to the "Mother" of all festivals .... Creamfields, Me especially even having spent 7 nights already in a tent, had a new lease of life and was jumping for joy. 92000 people, one festival, the best djs in the world in one place and best of all there new steel yard construction!, we arrived to Creamfields on the tuesday (2 days prior) to once again set up but doubling up on loudness for our pa system as we planned to work hard and definitely show Cream that Flashez can party. In one long weekend Dj's such as Axwell, Ez, Tiesto and the biggest fight in history will happen. if thats not the best weekend in the UK i will never know!
When the gates opened the festival goers did not stop flooding through all day and night, the smiles and laughter made cream electric in the atmosphere. Within 5 hours of opening we had sold out of our Light up Glasses and Light up Shoes so sent staff to get more. Flashez were proud that our footwear and accessories was lighting up Creamfields. We met some crazy people but the best crowd you could ever wish for. Not fighting and no arguments, Just 92000 people enjoying the music and there lives.
We will be back next year ... Roll on 2018
PS. Festival Tips: Take more toilet roll!