juli 28, 2019 2 min read

Flashez aren’t your average pair of trainers.

The light up shoe look is here to stay. Even celebrities are jumping on this trend, proving it’s not just for kids anymore. Is your sneaker game strong? Let your shoes do the talking for you this season and take your collection to next level status with a pair of glow shoes. You can pull off the latest LED shoes too, no matter what age you are.

We’ve upgraded classic shoe designs with cutting edge LED light technology to create over 65 style options to choose from. How do you narrow down which one is right for you? Here’s a guide to get started with:



The sneaker that started it all. Our White Hurricanes are a classic high top style that still remain one of our most popular options today. Get them in black and wear them out at night to a party or the club – watch how the LED lights really pop against a dark pair of light up shoes.

Get a great gift for anyone in the family, whether you’re shopping for an adult or big kid. We have sizing options for men and women, but we even carry the mini model for kids to join in too!




Want to get the attention of your crush? Then you need the Flashez Silver Hi-tops. These sneakers get a lot of looks in your direction and show off your love for the latest and best fashion trends.

They’re perfect for a flashy shoe during the daytime – even if you don’t turn on your LED lights until after dark. Wear them to school or to cheer on your team at a sporting event. We offer the Flashez Silver Hi-tops for men, women, and big kids.


3. Flashez Thunder Shoes

Send them back to school in a pair of shoes they’ll be excited to put on in the morning. Our Flashez Thunder Shoes include an elaborate wing design that will make your kids feel like the coolest student in the classroom.

Learning how to get dressed is a milestone for young kids, so help them embrace it.Flashez Thunder Shoes also provide three convenient hook and loop velcro closures for your independent child who wants to get dressed by themselves.